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  • You get 80% of all income, no hidden costs or payable upgrades

  • Login with full control and infos

  • We help you to make an optimal label start and advise you through competent employees with decades of long experience

  • FREE ISRC and Barcodes generator

  • FREE delivery and take-down of your release

  • Daily updated Trends figures of your Streams & Downloads

  • Monthly Sales Statements & Payments

  • YouTube and Soundcloud Monetization

  • A dedicated product manager for Release Planning & Execution

  • Personal support via Email & Phone Call

  • FREE unlimited cloud backup of your content

  • Pre Order at iTunes, Beatport, Amazon, GooglePlay, Juno and Traxsource

  • All rights to your music remain with you

SPREAD YOUR MUSIC "...We take care of the full delivery and service to make your tracks available at all important platforms on web. we work with over 450 digital music stores and streaming portals all over the world..."

ANALYTICS & TRENDS "...Any sale or stream will be shown in the extensive analytics tools. If we get provided with the datas of the portals, you can see them on a daily base (one day later than the transactional date). You can analyses trends, peaks and figures broken down into countries, stores/portals, artists and releases. Furthermore you can download your monthly statements in PDF or Excel as well as statistics. Last but not least, you can also administrate sub-accounts for your (sub)labels and manage label logos..."


YOUTUBE MONETIZATION "...We protect your rights while you earn money, simply as it can be.

With over 1 billion unique users each month, YouTube has become one of the leading providers for music discovery around the world. This presents a great opportunity for you to make revenue from your music like never before while also ensuring that your copyrights and songs are protected. (Available to Distribution Clients)..."

Service Details & Features

  • Sign up for distribution and earn 70% from this service

  • Upload music through our effective CMS

  • Collect revenue when your music is used in videos

  • Protect your music to ensure nobody can monetize but you

  • Submit your music to YouTube Red (included)

  • Receive quarterly payments

  • Also monetize music videos, video shows, & more

  • Musicvideo upload with iTunes, VEVO & Youtube (more info)


Deliveries to all digital platforms through only one distribution partner and with one tool for everything:

Uploads, product management, sales statistics, cloud storage and many additional features.

Your focus remains the creative work, while we offer the technical platform and personal support.


PAYMENT " get monthly statements and payment. you can control all income and country reports on your personal account"

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