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We help you to find the best professional service for your mastering for digital or physical releases


"we are working with all kind of different Mastering and Vinylcut studios world wide.

please ask for special request and orders..."

a few service partner in alphabetic order:

Caduceus Mastering is a professional mastering room located in the Geneva countryside. The Studio A is acoustically treated by MB Akustik in Germany and it's equiped with some of the finest high end hardware and software for mastering purposes. Studio B is a small recording room for vocals and individual instruments.
Cassy, 430WEST, Connaisseur Recordings, From Another Mind, Mobilee, MusicMan, Serialism

Calyx Mastering is an established mastering studio that has been serving artists and record companies since 1994.
With five mastering rooms, equipped with selected, custom-tuned gear, implemented in a transparent and flexible setup, we are well prepared for all kinds of source material, ranging from low budget digital productions that need analog warmth, to high-end audiophile material that has to be treated with extraordinary care and minimal interference.
Our mastering equipment and all interconnects are hard-wired and as "audiophile" as you can get.
As a result of several years of ongoing research and development, our mastering rooms combine a client-friendly environment with superb acoustic standards.
The goal is to ensure your satisfaction with both the finished master and your personal experience here at Calyx.
Mastering flat-rates (Online and Premium) offer a clear and simple price structure.
Our canon: Revision until satisfaction – No need for test-masterings.
clients: K7!, Mobilee, Mute, Cosmo Records, Four Music, Minus

Mastering Services for Vinyl, CD, Digital Distribution, Cutting of Dubplates and Vinyl (Master Lacquers), Transcription of Vinyl and Analogue Tape, Audio Restoration

composition, production, mixing, mastering, for major- and independent labels, TV, & movies, with thousands of international releases since 1996.
Christian Burkhart, Sukhumvit, Get Physical, Ricardo Villalobos, Gerd Janson, Tensnake, Nena, Gorge Morel, Maceo Plex; Valioso...

Manmade Mastering is a mastering studio located in Berlin Germany specializing in analog mastering and cutting dubplates & masters for vinyl manufacturing. Orders by email only.....
Ostgut Ton, MDR, Klockworks, Shitkatapult, K7!, Kontra Music, Electric Deluxe